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Sick and tired of someone else parking in your spot? Too often stressed looking for parking? Wasting so much of your time cruising to find a parking spot? And when you find one, it’s so expensive!
We can solve this for you.


Looking to improve the ROI of your parking assets? Want to improve your data collection and analysis? Need to better predict your usage, your pricing structure and customer experience?

We can do this for you.

Public Sector

Does inefficient parking in your city increase your traffic congestion and carbon emissions? Does it affect your city financially, socially and reputationally? Impacting liveability and sustainability?

We can address this for you.

smart cities solutions

Are you becoming a smarter, sustainable building or city?

Are you collecting data from sensor points to enable better decision-making for your assets?
Are you struggling to work out how to best collect that data, process, analyse, and then implement better practices to become more efficient and sustainable?

For smart sensors such as waste, safety, emergency lighting, ventilation, mechanical functions, sewerage, health and illness detection, our gateway is the answer to your data transmission in difficult underground built environments, where WiFi and mobile data are not viable.

Our gateway and platform integrate seamlessly with smart IoT sensors to efficiently and cost-effectively communicate data  back to your dashboard.

Efficient, smart, and sustainable