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our vision

At Simply Parking, our vision is to make our cities better places to live.

We want to improve the sustainability of our planet. Reduce our human footprint.
Changing the status quo, one small step at a time.
Smarter cities.
We believe in thinking differently to do this.
Parking is our first stop. Smart cities, our next.

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our technology

Our platform solution is disruptive. It will transform behaviours, the way we all think about parking and the way the parking industry operates. Parking is a limited resource. Our technology allows us to use it far more efficiently and sustainably. A platform designed for tomorrow that we are building today.

Our end-to-end solution aggregates unique, individual parking assets and their two-way data on a single platform. It gives you access and visibility to their performance, in real-time.

Our backbone cloud platform supports microservices architecture modules to be robust, scalable and agile. It is customisable to integrate with your existing parking infrastructure and management systems.

We provide two-way real-time data transmission in particularly challenging environments, underground concrete buildings through our proprietary gateway, with enhanced data transmission speed.

And not only for parking. Our gateway transmits smart IoT sensor data in these difficult underground concrete environments where WiFi and mobile data are not viable.

our team

Angelique Mentis

Angelique Mentis

CEO & Co-Founder

Sean Crosby

Sean Crosby

COO & Co-Founder

Marianne Mentis

Marianne Mentis


We know parking. Our team has had more than 20 years parking industry experience and with our existing networks and customer base, have a deep understanding of the challenges faced daily by participants in the parking industry. Changing mindsets and behaviour, the parking industry can innovate and transform, resulting in massive improvements to make our cities more liveable and sustainable.

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