Simply smarter parking
for a more
sustainable planet

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our vision

At Simply Parking, we want to make our cities better
places to live. Smarter, more sustainable cities.

a global problem

Parking is a challenging issue in urban centres globally.

How much time, energy and resources are wasted every day searching for parking?

How much damage are we causing to our planet by not using our smarts to park more efficiently, more sustainably.

our solution

Our end-to-end platform technology enables users to share parking more resourcefully in a circular economy. For individuals, corporates and government entities.

Seamlessly.  Sustainably. Smarter cities.

We solve the problem of reliable real-time two-way data transmission in challenging communications environments, in concrete parking stations and buildings underground.  Efficiently, cost-effectively and reliably, for parking and smart cities.

Our solution is disruptive.

Transforming the way we think, behave and operate around parking and smart cities.

To improve mobility, traffic congestion, carbon emissions, urban development and sustainability.

Making our cities better places to live.